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Hailadoc: the online clinical communication tool

A secure and convenient way for health professionals to chat and collaborate online with other professionals or with patients through messaging, audio/video chat, encrypted file sharing and shared medical reports / summaries.

Hailadoc has a number of products that can benefit your department or hospital:

  • User
  • Tablet
  • Hearth

1. Hailadoc Virtual Care

Manage outpatient consultations with online doctor-patient virtual consultations

  • Secure online video consultations when a face-to-face appointment isn't necessary
  • Files, including photos and videos, can be securely shared
  • Records, including summary reports, are conveniently and securely stored and accessible at any time
  • ePrescriptions can be issued and shared with the patient online
  • For private practice, fees are quickly processed and deposited directly into the doctor's bank account


a. Manage MDT meetings more effectively online, enable collaboration of patient cases anytime anywhere

b. Use two way communication for inter-hospital referrals

c. Collaborate across organisational bounderies

  • Case preparation with remote online secure access to patient info
  • Real-time remote communication amongst health professional
  • Audit trail of discussions between health professionals
  • Report summaries and follow up action plans

How can Hailadoc help clinicians professionally?

Easily collaborate on patient cases anytime, anywhere

Communicate with other professionals to refer or seek advice and guidance regarding patients anytime, anywhere

An easy and simple way to provide these services in a structured fashion & with their time adequately valued

  • Rating

    Hailadoc’s rating system allows patient feedback and can be used as part of your appraisal / revalidation

  • Appraisal

    Records of your clinical activity on Hailadoc will help you with your appraisal or revalidation

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